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You are Just in the right place, Get yourself an amazing experience, By learing to fly, with this breathtaking sport, one of the most affordable air sports, or in easy terms, it’s the best way to fly just like birds do. We have been working so hard to make this sport shine up in Morocco, and the Way Is Too Long,.

Our courses

One Day Course

Or as we call it a Mini Course, It’s a great choice for those who are interested in Paragliding but they don’t have enough time for a whole course, or they don’t know much about it and they want to give it a try, Reserve your Mini course by e-mail and you’re a pilot in the day 🙂

full course

The full course option is your best choice if you are in good health and in plenty of time, the course will be the key of Paragliding doors, you will get to know the basics of flying, how to make succesful flights, by know both theoric paragliding and practical paragliding, we have great programs of teaching the  necesser meteorology, and Airspace laws and conditions.

additional Course

We provide additional courses, to help our new pilots with thermal flying, cross country flying, and soaring, and many other options based on the needs of each customer, basicly this course is built to improve the skills of new Pilots.

Azul Paragliding Morocco

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