who are we?

Our Mission

We Came to build a new Generation of  Paragliding pilots, well educated, wise and Respectful.

On our way of building this project, we were full and still full of energy to reach our goals, which is to get a great platform of learning, practicing and claiming. WE came to share our Fun, with adventure lovers who visit or live in Morocco, and make Paragliding in Morocco a national sport, with devloped technologies, high safety standards, and to be one of the first in North Africa and the Arabic World, that achieves this goal.

Our leader


He Was born in the end of the Anti-Atlas and the beginning of high Atlas Mountains, as a child he had many dreams to fly, he wanted to be an aircraft pilot, he didn’t be came an airplane pilot but, he is now a paragliding pilot, he started Paragliding with Baraka Paragliding School the Czech Paragliding School , on september 2017 where he learned the basics of paragliding in Morocco, he moved to Europe to get an exstensive course, for one Year, then he became one of the school Members , and  Now he works as an operator of the school in Morocco, during his stay in Europe he made a lot of relationships with the paragliding providers, such as Skyparagliders, soon He will be a trusted dealer in Morocco.

Team Pilots and instructors

For the best service we have The greatest TEAM

Azul Paragliding Morocco

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